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What are people saying?

Denise Thatcher
Licensed Professional Counselor

"Current research is pointing toward the resurgence of abstinence as the primary choice among our youth. Abstinence protects young people from the harmful effects of sexual relationships prior to marriage. Unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, difficult emotional fallout  and trying decisions surrounding parenthood are eliminated when abstinence is chosen. Unfortunately, many youth only learn about sex from their peers, so abstinence education in the schools meets a critical need to inform students that not everyone is doing it! "

Regina George
Executive Director Lakeside Baptist Academy

"As administrator of Lakeside Baptist Academy, I highly recommend the REAL Essentials training!  Kids these days are bombarded with plenty of ungodly influences when it comes to sex, dating, relationships and boundaries.  REAL gives appropriate answers, facts and statistics on a level the students can relate to. Parents are given handouts before of topics that will be discussed and the option of attending as well.  It’s a great spring board for further discussion at home."

Granbury Middle School Counselor
Nova Dea 

"The opportunity to learn about abstinence is a valuable tool which could lead to a young person choosing to abstain from alcohol, smoking, overeating, sex before marriage and more. REAL Essentials training allows students the knowledge to use their personal power to make appropriate decisions. Empowering young people to abstain can lead to a healthier society."

The Bridge is located in Granbury, Texas. Our programs are designed to encourage and inspire a lifestyle of healthy choices. We encourage students to abstain from all high-risk behavior with an emphasis on avoiding sexual risks so those students can stay in school, attain a quality education and begin to focus on their life goals and dreams.


The following are all direct quotes from students who completed a program evaluation form after seeing The Bridge program in Hood County. 


  • I thought abstinence was absolutely no sex, but now that I see the real meaning, it changed the way I look at it. Thank you. - 8th grade MALE

  • It was very informative and people were very friendly and didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. - 8th grade FEMALE

  • I am very thankful for you. I think this get together helped me decide to not make a decision I wanted to make. During this I literally texted the guy I liked & told him I am waiting. Just want y’all to know that are appreciated dearly and y’all do make an impact on many girls lives including mine. -High School FEMALE

  • Personally it’s helped me a lot, because I’ve struggles with some things and been through stuff; and it makes me feel better that I can start over. - High School MALE

  • I thought it was very informative and gave me a renewed courage to stand up for myself. -            High School FEMALE

  • It was a more understandable version of what my Dad tells me - 7th grade MALE

  • The presentation was easy to understand. I loved it! Thank you helped a lot! - 7th grade FEMALE

  • I liked it because it helped me really understand why I need to wait. - 8th grade FEMALE

  • The program revealed the truth behind the worlds most popular activity in an appropriate and easily understood. - High School MALE

  • This program really helped me thank you- High School MALE


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